Violin & Fiddle Lessons

"Ryan is an outstanding classical violinist who has an avid interest in old time and bluegrass fiddle playing. Ryan has an enormous repertoire of tunes that he has learned from recordings and interaction with other musicians. Not only can he play and teach this vast repertoire of tunes, but he can teach the style of many of the distinguished players of these recordings. It is said that you have to start where you are and Ryan can recognize where you are and help you in the direction that you want to go. "   
 Roger F.  Adult student for 5 years
"Ryan is patient, kind, very knowledgeable about many styles of playing, articulate in his explanations of details about fiddling, encouraging , constant, on time, and pretty good lookin!"
Birdi S.  Adult student for 2 years


Ryan will help you draw tone and articulation from every bow, play better in tune, and coordinate your bow with your left hand.

How to Practice

How do you structure your time when you practice? Ryan will teach you what to focus on in order to continually move forward.


Music Theory

Ryan loves to think and talk about the structures that organize music. A better understanding of rhythmic and harmonic concepts will help you become a more fluent musician.


Classical Violin & Viola

Ryan holds a Master of Music in Violin from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Whether you want to work on your solo repertoire, orchestral or chamber music, he can guide you through the stylistic and technical challenges that present themselves.

Bluegrass, Old Time, and Swing

Ryan has performed as a fiddler across the US, Europe, and Canada. He loves teaching people the stylistic nuances that help a fiddler sound authentic. No matter what direction you want to push your playing, Ryan can help.

Swedish Traditional Music

Do you want to learn about the many fiddle traditions that exist in Scandinavia? Ryan has a specialty in Swedish fiddle music, having spent a year with a Fulbright grant at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Expand your repertoire!